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What makes LEGACY stand out from other tribute shows is the impressive wardrobe. LEGACY works with Sue Saari Designs in creating replicas of the King of Pop’s costuming. In addition to creating original pieces for LC Jackson, Sue Saari Designs creates and alters costuming for the entire cast. From the spats, glittery socks, to the full ensembles, Sue Saari Designs is an integral part of what makes LEGACY one of a kind. Saari’s work is highly detailed, tailored, and skillfully crafted, just like Jackson’s original masterpieces.

Below are some of the masterpieces  produced by Sue Saari Designs.

Bad Tour Jacket

Beat It Jacket

Galaxy Suit

Billie Jean

Other Wardrobe

Contact  Sue Saari Designs via their website: http://suesaari.webs.com/